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Kalonji Hair


Look no further, as you have found a home!


Customer Reviews

Finally some products that work for my hair! The shampoo gets rid of ALL of my product build up and the edge tamer...
THE EDGE TAMER!!! Controls my edges AND holds well enough to use while braiding.

IG Review - BI

Customer Reviews

Went to Mr. Naturalz Salon and these products were used on my hair.
It made my hair feel amazing. Can't wait to incorporate these products in to my hair routine.

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Customer Reviews

I dunno what magical component is in these products but I have tried SOOOO many "ethnic" hair products on baby girl's hair and nothing has been able to tame it.
@mrnaturalz Hair magic is all we will be using.

IG Review: LBS

Your Home For Curly, Kinky Hair, Locs, Braids, and Color.

Embrace What You Where Born With Because It’s Beautiful

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Mr. Naturalz Salon

Home of Kalonji Hair

334 Wells Ave. S. , Suite D
Renton, WA 98057

Corner of Wells & 4th

Tuesday - Friday
9AM – 6:30 PM

7AM – 3:30 PM

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